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Setbacks occur in all our lives.  However, we ought to learn how to move forward beyond these setbacks.  Especially leaders, as we need to lead the way forward. In this podcast, I ...

A leader's listening skills are just as important as their communication skills. Ps. Wilson explains why and how to be better at it.

Have you ever discovered that what you said somehow did not get through or got distorted? Leaders particularly have to be aware how to communicate effectively.

How to Motivate Others

How can we practically motivate our team? What are the keys? And what de-motivators do we need to be aware of? Ps. Wilson brings his insights to answer these questions in this podc...

Understanding Motivations

What motivates you and I? What motivates us to higher goals and aspirations, especially even when it costs us? Find out why in this podcast.

While we may aspire to be an inspirational leader, how do we actually develop an inspirational vision? Ps Wilson shares some key insights.

What is it that makes a leader stand out? What ingredients make a leader stand a head above others? An inspiring vision is one of the critical qualities. Discover why and how.

A leader who lacks convictions will either not lead many or will not lead long. Godly convictions is critical for a leader who desires to serve God. But how do we build our convict...

Does it matter if you take up leadership responsibilities?  Does it matter how well you lead? It absolutely matters! In this podcast, Ps. Wilson explains why Christ-followers must ...

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